Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Worst (Myra's Dilemma series)

Myra Gregory’s main focus is to be a loving mother to her twin boys and provide the best life for her family. Insecure about her appearance, a relationship is the last thing on her agenda until her two best friends convince her to get back out in the dating scene. Jamal is just the man Myra’s been waiting on to come and sweep her off her feet. The two instantly hit it off, and all seems well until Jamal’s crazy ex- girlfriend, Mercedes comes back into the picture. Refusing to let go of the past, Mercedes will stop at nothing to tear the two of them apart. Unfortunately, Mercedes isn’t Myra’s only issue. After serving a year in jail, her children’s father Lil’ T is finally released and determined to reclaim what’s rightfully his. Soon Myra finds herself confused with a huge dilemma. Will she take Lil’ T back for the sake of her sons or will she stay with the man she truly loves?